The current business environment is incredibly demanding: disruption lurks around the corner, customers have seemingly impossible demands, and the war for talent keeps raging on. Plus, cloud computing and low-code/no-code development platforms have completely transformed the playing field, unleashing massive optimizations for those who know how to use them. And this was true even before 2020, which has decentralized the workforce, transformed work practices, and unleashed new problems of coordination, productivity, and visibility.

To address these challenges, my work focuses on designing (or redesigning) systems that help businesses thrive. Whether it’s a new workflow, channel, product, or brand, my goal is to help you achieve the level of performance and overall fitness that’s required in today’s complex and ever-shifting times. 

In short, my contribution to projects can be summarized as such:

  • I help individuals and teams do their best work by finding tools, defining protocols, structuring workflows, leveraging technology, and finding “hacks” so that even small teams can achieve big goals. 
  • I solve problems swiftly and creatively. I have the ethos of a fixer, which means I’m able to find novel solutions to unique problems without the need for fuss or useless aggrandizement. 
  • I make ideas become reality. Ideas are not useful if they don’t ship. I’ve launched countless brands, campaigns, events, and products.
  • I build consensus on multidisciplinary project teams and act as a leader to help set direction, navigate ambiguity, and deliver for impact.

Current Ventures

  1. Team B — a Swiss-army-knife brand and marketing consultancy
  2. The Alpine Review — broad research organization focused on sensemaking
  3. The Boxing Club — incredible-tasting natural wines
  4. Full Stack Banana — a podcast exploring what would be life's basic scaffolding
You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.
† From James Clear’s Atomic Habits